Home of Stonehenge builders found

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Scientists have uncovered the largest Neolithic settlement in the United Kingdom at the Durrington Walls and believe that the village was inhabited by the people who built the Stonehenge monument.

Scientists say that the village was built around 2,600 B.C., roughly when Stonehenge was believed to have been constructed, and housed over 100 people.

Inside the areas which would have been the interior of houses at the time, scientists also found outlines of what they think were beds and cupboards or dressers. Pieces of pottery and “filthy” rubbish around the site. Animal bones, arrowheads, stone tools and other relics were also discovered.

“We’ve never seen such quantities of pottery and animal bone and flint. In what were houses, we have excavated the outlines on the floors of box beds and wooden dressers or cupboards,” said Sheffield University archaeologist Mike Parker Pearson.

So far, the dig has revealed at least 8 houses roughly 14-16 feet square, but scientists say that they think there may have been at least 25 altogether.

The site was likely to have been occupied only seasonally rather than year-round and evidence suggests that a lot of “partying” went on at the location.

“The animal bones are being thrown away half-eaten. It’s what we call a feasting assemblage. This is where they went to party – you could say it was the first free festival. The rubbish isn’t your average domestic debris. There’s a lack of craft-working equipment for cleaning animal hides and no evidence for crop-processing,” added Pearson.

The Durrington Walls are approximately 2 miles from the Stonehenge site.

Indian space agency launches five foreign satellites

Thursday, July 3, 2014

The Indian space agency, Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO), launched five foreign satellites from the Sriharikota facility on Monday morning, using the PSLV-C23 launch vehicle.

The primary payload was an earth observation satellite from France called SPOT 7 which weighed 714 kg. Other satellites included on board were the German AISat, 14 kg; Canadian NLS7.1 (CAN-X4) and NLS7.2 (CAN-X5), 15 kg each; and Singaporean VELOX 1, 7 kg.

The launch took place at 9:52 AM on Monday morning, delayed from the original schedule by three minutes to avoid space debris. This was the 26th successful launch of a PSLV. Along with the US, Russia, the European Union, China, and Japan, India is one of the few nations that offer commercial launch services. These services are provided by Antrix, the commercial department of ISRO. ISRO’s next major launch may be this month using a GSLV-III launch vehicle.

The Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi was present at the launch site. He addressed the scientists after the launch congratulating them, and asked them to build a satellite suitable for use by all the nations of the South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC). He also emphasized the frugal approach of India to the space industry. Phillipe Ghesquiers of Airbus Space and Defense Systems, the builders of SPOT 7, expressed satisfaction at the launch and stated they may use India’s launch services again in the future.

Brain Training Software: Train Your Brain}

Brain training software: Train your brain


Clifton Flack

Don’t you think that your brain empowers you to achieve so many capabilities! That too when you are hardly using a very limited part of your entire brain capacity! Well, the brain training software can help you to utilize the power of the brain to the fullest. These games also help you to increase your attention span and pay more attention to details. The brain games can surely enhance your capabilities.

A god attention span is what differentiates genius from the ordinary. Paying attention in classroom or even board room meetings can help you to grasp so many details which skip the untrained mind. At the end of the day it is these details which empower you to take better decisions and emerge as a true winner.

A little time spent with you mind as in a meditation session will throw open the unlimited capabilities within your brain. In order to harness this potential energy of the brain it is important to train the brain in an organized and fruitful manner. The brain training software helps you in doing this by providing innovative and scientifically designed games which enhance particular capabilities of the brain.

The human brain is capable of paying attention at one single object at a given point of time or even dividing this attention between various objects. The former is known as selective attention and helps the brain to cut off from all the other activities and focus only on one particular job. The latter known as divided attention is really unique as it helps you to multi task and allocates your attention span judiciously across various jobs.

Then there is the classical example of the extraordinary ability of people who are involved in jobs like focusing on the radar. This is an example o sustained attention where in even a little lapse can prove to be costly. It is for this very reason that the brain training software acquires special significance. Used across various segments these brain games can really help people to increase their attention span. The utility of the brain training software is now even recognized across corporate circles. These fun brain games can be easily played online and you can even compete with your friends.

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Wikinews interviews Tatsuhisa Yabushita of NBGI

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Many rhythm gamers are anticipating the release of Taiko no Tatsujin 11: Asian Version”, the Namco Bandai Games Inc. (NBGI) beta version of which was recently showcased at the 2008 Taipei Game Show.

In fact, several managers from amusement stores in Taiwan frequently imported large quantities of arcade games, including rhythm games. Eventually, some slot machine developers modified codes from several game consoles like the Wii, PlayStation 2 (PS2), and Sega Saturn to fulfill needs for amusement arcades, but they risked hardware failure and copyright infringement.

But before those modifications happened in Taiwan, many rhythm games just used songs from other arcade machines due to copyright issues from enrolled songs.

The upcoming game will benefit Mandarin-language gamers after its release, but it may hide some secrets behind the development of “Taiko no Tatsujin 11: Asian Version”. Wikinews reporter Rico Shen recently interviewed the producer of “Taiko no Tatsujin” Tatsuhisa Yabushita to talk about some of the background of this upcoming game and its series.

2011 BRIT Awards highlights

Friday, February 18, 2011

On Tuesday, the 2011 BRIT Awards were presented from The O2 Arena in London, England. This is the first time that the awards ceremony has been hosted from this venue; previously, the regular location for the show was the Earls Court Exhibition Centre, which is also located in London.

The BRIT Awards, presented by the British Phonographic Industry, is an annual ceremony that awards music artists for excellence in music. The BRIT Awards started in 1980; this year’s event is the 31st BRIT Awards. ITV1 broadcasted this year’s programme from 2000-2200 UTC, with British actor and presenter James Corden hosting it.

The ITV1 programme contained performances from various artists, many of which had been nominated for BRIT Awards. The performers and the performances are displayed below but are not in chronological order. They are as follows:

  • Take That – Kidz
  • Adele – Someone Like You
  • Rihanna – Only Girl (In the World) / S&M / What’s My Name?
  • Mumford & Sons – Timshel
  • Plan B – She Said / Prayin’
  • Tinie Tempah, Eric Turner and Labrinth – Written in the Stars / Miami 2 Ibiza / Pass Out
  • Arcade Fire – Ready To Start
  • Cee Lo Green and Paloma Faith – Forget You

British rapper Tinie Tempah was nominated for most awards than any other artist, with ‘Best British Album’ and ‘Best British Male’ included amongst his four nominations. He was given two BRIT awards – one for ‘Best British Single’, which was Pass Out, and the second for ‘Best British Breakthrough Act’. Upon receiving what would turn out to be his first award of two, Tinie Tempah proclaimed: “I want to big up God and my family for sticking by me when times are hard.” Canadian indie rock group Arcade Fire were also successful in achieving two BRIT Awards, one for ‘Best International Group’ and the other for ‘Best International Album’; their album is entitled The Suburbs.

Dermot O’Leary presented an award to British pop group Take That for ‘Best British Group’, the first time the group have ever achieved such an award. While the group received the award, member Mark Owen looked at Robbie Williams, who had recently rejoined Take That, and said: “Can I say thanks for coming back mate. Appreciate it. It’s a real pleasure for the five of us to be up here.” The group had a second nomination for ‘Best British Album’ but were unsuccessful in winning the award.

Cee Lo Green, a member of the group Gnarls Barkley, received one BRIT Award for ‘Best International Male’. In his acceptance speech, he commented: “I’m so excited. Thank you so much for this honour. Such a pleasant surprise.” Cee Lo was also nominated for ‘Best International Album’ but failed to achieve the award.

Roger Daltrey, lead singer of English rock group The Who, humourously commented that “[i]t’s good to see the British music industry still has enough money for a good booze up” before giving the award for ‘Best British Album’ to Mumford & Sons for their album, entitled Sigh No More. Marcus Mumford, of the group, said that “[t]his is very bizarre, very strange. Thank you very much indeed. We are very honoured, very humbled.”

Mark Ronson and Ellie Goulding awarded the ‘Critics’ Choice’ to English singer-songwriter Jessie J. Backstage, Jessie J – who is currently at number one in the UK Singles Chart with her song Price Tag, featuring American rapper B.o.B – remarked that “[p]op stands for popular. I want to be a pop icon and take Britain across the world.”

Plan B, another British rapper, achieved the award for ‘Best British Male’. “There’s a lot of people I could be thanking right now, I wanna thank them all together,” he said during his acceptance speech. Having expressed thanks to various family members, friends, his record labels and the people he had worked with, he concluded his speech with the line: “Thank you, everybody. That’s all.”

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Earlier in February 2011, Markus Dravs was given the BRIT Award for ‘Best British Producer’ by Chris Martin, a member of the group Coldplay; Dravs is co-producing a fifth album for the group at present. Dravs was nominated for his work in relation to Arcade Fire album The Suburbs and Mumford & Sons album Sigh No More. “You could hear it in the lyrics and in the commitment in the demos,” he commented. “I really wanted to get involved and see if I could help make the record.”

During the BRIT Awards programme on Tuesday, Cheryl Cole presented the ‘Best International Female’, which was won by Rihanna. The Barbadian pop and R&B singer exclaimed during her acceptance speech: “Britain, I love you! This is so exciting. I want to thank everybody at my label, Mercury […] all my fans here. You guys are the best! I love you so much. This is…this is big. It doesn’t get much bigger than the BRITs, so I love you guys. Thank you so much. This means a lot. I’m the only girl in the world!”

The award for ‘Best International Breakthrough Act’ was given to Justin Bieber, a Canadian pop music / R&B singer. Upon accepting the award, Bieber commented: “I want to thank all my fans over here. You guys are amazing. I want to thank the label over here”. Laura Marling was subsequently awarded ‘Best British Female’. After being presented with the award by Boy George, Marling said: “Thank you. My name’s Laura and there you go, mum. That’s for you and thank you very much to Adam and Laura and everyone at Virgin. This is really weird.”

Shortly after the broadcast of the main programme, performances became available to purchase via iTunes. The The BRIT Trust will receive all of the downloads’ profits as a donation.

Below, all of the recipients of the awards on Tuesday night are available to view in a list, which is not presented in chronological order.

  • Best British Male – Plan B
  • Best British Female – Laura Marling
  • Best British Group – Take That
  • Best British Single – Tinie Tempah – Pass Out
  • Best British Album – Mumford & Sons – Sigh No More
  • Best British Producer – Markus Dravs
  • Best British Breakthrough Act – Tinie Tempah
  • Best International Male – Cee Lo Green
  • Best International Female – Rihanna
  • Best International Group – Arcade Fire
  • Best International Album – Arcade FireThe Suburbs
  • Best International Breakthrough Act – Justin Bieber
  • Critics’ Choice – Jessie J

Below is an image gallery displaying library photographs of some of the acts who appeared at the BRIT Awards 2011:

  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5
  • 6
  • 7
  • 8
  • 9
  • 10
  • 11

Adele, who sang ‘Someone Like You’, performing in 2007.Image: Mpawsy.

Rihanna, who won ‘Best International Female’ and who sang ‘Only Girl (In the World) / S&M / What’s My Name?’, performing in 2010.Image: Vitorvicentevalente.

Mumford & Sons, who won ‘Best British Album’ for their album ‘Sigh No More’ and who sang ‘Timshel’, performing in 2009.Image: prusakolep.

Plan B, who won ‘Best British Male’ and who sang ‘She Said / Prayin”, performing in 2007.Image: Tony2Times.
Tinie Tempah, who achieved ‘Best British Single’ and ‘Best British Breakthrough Act’, as well as singing ‘Written in the Stars / Miami 2 Ibiza / Pass Out’ alongside Eric Turner and Labrinth, performing in 2010.Image: Göteborg & Co.

File:Rock en Seine 2007, The Arcade Fire.jpg Arcade Fire, who won ‘Best International Album’ – for their album ‘The Suburbs’ – and ‘Best International Group’, as well as singing ‘Ready To Start’, performing in 2007.Image: Bertrand.

Cee Lo Green, who won ‘Best International Male’ and who sang ‘Forget You’ alongside Paloma Faith, performing in 2008.Image: Chris Hakkens.
Laura Marling, who won ‘Best British Female’, performing in 2007.Image: DearCatastropheWaitress.
Justin Bieber, who won ‘Best International Breakthrough Act’, at the 2010 White House Easter Egg Roll.Image: Daniel Ogren.
Jessie J, who was given the ‘Critics’ Choice’ award, performing in 2008.Image: Lancashire County Council.
Presenter James Corden, seen here at a BBC Radio Wales roadshow in 2008.Image: Ben Salter.

On Wednesday, the news emerged that the BRIT Awards 2011 gained approximately 4.8 million viewers, the smallest viewing figures the show has experienced for five years. The ratings of the ceremony were beaten by the last episode of Big Fat Gypsy Weddings in the series, broadcast on Channel 4 from 2100–2200 UTC on Tuesday; the viewing figures stood at approximately 6.5 million viewers. Holby City, broadcast on BBC One, also attracted more viewers than the BRIT Awards 2011. The programme, which was shown from 2000-2100 UTC, received approximately 5.8 million viewers.

Invest Smartly With The Tumble Dryers Investment Guide

Submitted by: Andrew Washington

Thanks to the modern technology that has made every human being more efficient. The tumble dryer is one such appliance which is must for every single family. The tumble dryers are equipped with a drum which rotates to tumble the clothes inside and a warm air is circulated around the clothes. Most of the dryers use this technique for drying of clothes. However, there are certain things that ought to be remembered while purchasing the perfect tumble dryers.

Follow the instructions given below-

First of all make a choice out of electric drivers and gas drivers. For electric, one would require a power source and in case of gas dryers there is need of a hook-up for gas. The latter one are little costlier but they are more energy efficient.

Make a decision whether a person will require the dryer for the purpose of drying casual clothes or other bulky items. They may contain blankets, quilts and others for which large size or extra large size machine would be perfect. For regular wears a dryer of regular size should be chosen. A single person should look for the one with small capacity of drying.

YouTube Preview Image

If the space of laundry in the home is in the living area then go for the tumble dryers with low noise level. The noise level can be checked by reading the product description.

If the appliance is with a moisture sensor then it is good for own convenience. It is useful because when this sensor senses that the clothes are dry then the dryer stops automatically. This saves energy, time and retains the smoothness of the cloth.

The dryers are available in many colours and ranges. Choose the one that fits the budget and is affordable.

Many other things are there which demand attention. Never pay for any extra feature rather than those which are very important. Few examples are multiple dry cycles, extended tumble cycle, a lint filter that is mounted on the top and a drum rack especially designed to dry electronic controls or sneakers.

The other major consideration is from where the tumble dryers should be purchased. This involves several factors to keep in mind first. The price offered by the dealer, available at the moment or not, guarantee period and any extension of this period can be done or not. Confirm if the dealer is not going to take away the old machine.

There are some of the appliances that come with a delay timer. The length of the cycle of drying can be reduced. In case of washer dryer combination the speed of the washer can be increased. This leaves minimum amount of water and further the drying cycle takes less time.

In case of vented dryers there is no need to empty the reservoir tank. Place the dryer anywhere close to the window or a hole in the wall and expel the water. One must make sure that the hose of vented dryers should be long to easily reach the opening.

Thus these are some of the tips which must be known to every buyer of the tumble dryers. One must spend time on doing research related to them before making investment. It is always better to be informed.

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Smoke from massive warehouse fire in Buffalo, New York USA can be seen 40 miles away

Monday, May 14, 2007

Buffalo, New York — A massive warehouse complex of at least 5 buildings caught on fire in Buffalo, New York on 111 Tonawanda Street, sending a plume of thick, jet black colored smoke into the air that could be seen as far away as 40 miles.

As of 6:40 a.m., the fire was under control, and firefighters were attempting to stop it from spreading, but could not get to the center of the fire because of severe amounts of debris. Later in the morning, the fire was extinguished.

“The fire is mostly under debris at this point. It’s under control, but it’s under some debris. We really can’t get to it. We’re just going to have to keep on pouring water on it so it doesn’t spread,” said Thomas Ashe, the fire chief for the North Buffalo based fire division who also added that at one point, at least 125 firefighters were on the scene battling the blaze. One suffered minor injures and was able to take himself to the hospital to seek medical attention.

Shortly after 8:00 p.m. as many as 3 explosions rocked the warehouse sending large mushroom clouds of thick black smoke into the air. After the third explosion, heat could be felt more than 100 feet away. The fire started in the front, one story building then quickly spread to three others, but fire fighters managed to stop the flames from spreading onto the 3 story building all the way at the back.

According to a Buffalo Police officer, who wished not to be named, the fire began at about 7:00 p.m. [Eastern time], starting as a one alarm fire. By 8:00 p.m., three fire companies were on the scene battling the blaze. Police also say that a smaller fire was reported in the same building on Saturday night, which caused little damage.

At the start of the fire, traffic was backed up nearly 4 miles on the 198 expressway going west toward the 190 Interstate and police had to shut down the Tonawanda street exit because the road is too close to the fire.

At one point, traffic on the 198 was moving so slow, at least a dozen people were seen getting out of their cars and walking down the expressway to watch the fire. That prompted as many as 10 police cars to be dispatched to the scene to force individuals back into their cars and close off one of the 2 lanes on the westbound side.

One woman, who wished not to be named as she is close to the owner of the warehouse, said the building is filled with “classic cars, forklifts, and money” and that owner “does not have insurance” coverage on the property. The building is not considered abandoned, but firefighters said that it is vacant.

Officials in Fort Erie, Ontario were also swamped with calls to fire departments when the wind blew the smoke over the Niagra River and into Canada.

It is not known what caused the fire, but a car is suspected to have caught on fire and there are reports from police and hazmat crews, that there were also large barrels of diesel fuel being stored in one building. Firefighters say the cause of the blaze is being treated as “suspicious.” The ATF is investigating the fire and will bring dogs in to search the debris.

The Night Of My Life In Soho}

Submitted by: Dylan Franks

I treated my Saturday night out in London as if it was my first. New to London and excited and eager to venture out in this fine city to discover what was on offer. My destination was Soho in London which has a reputation across the word for hedonistic and fun loving partying. It can sometimes be misunderstood with the seedy and sinister undertones to the area perhaps putting people off but I was determined to discover whether Soho was still the place to party in London and perhaps the world over.

There are many places for clubbing in Soho whether it is big room DJ action or perhaps a more intimate and surprising Soho bar that you are after. I love the vibrancy, multi-cultural blast of the senses when walking around Soho. There is a party atmosphere and the opportunity to meet, chat, party and become friends with people from all over the world. I decided I would take a nice wander down Wardour Street and explore the secret little back streets and make my way down to Old Compton Street. I was amazed about the new restaurants and bars that had sprung up across Soho with pretty much every major global cuisine represented.

After some tasty food at the Beirut street food restaurant Yalla Yalla, it was time to for a few drinks and to let the partying in Soho begin!

We started off with some cheap drinks at the lively and brash Bar Soho. This place does fantastic happy hours so it is a great bar in Soho for cheap drinks and to get the night going. Once we had enjoyed some delicious cocktails, we decided we wanted to find a new bar in Soho that was exciting and offered something different. The Green Carnation was the destination we found. This is gay friendly bar with a fantastic atmosphere with old world furniture and full of character. The music was fabulous with mainly commercial tunes pumping out including Lady Gaga and Mark Ronson. This is a great club in Soho for a personal clubbing experience as the venue is intimate and offers an opportunity to find yourself a little cubby hole to meet new people or just take a break from the main buzz of the place.

At this point we were ready for some serious clubbing in Soho. We had plenty of options on offer including Floridita, Shadow Lounge and The Groucho Club but we settled for the fabulous Madame Jo Jos. I had never been to this club in Soho but I had heard a lot of about it. There was a queue to get in but the crowd was international, friendly and up for it so there was plenty of banter before we got in. We had such a good night in Madame Jo Jos, its a melting pot of burlesque, glam and boutique clubbing all rolled into one. There are so many characters and fun people in this club which made the experience even better. We danced around to 1930s music mixed in with modern classics. The place has a lot of energy and is totally different to the usual bland nightclubs that you find in central London.

We finished our amazing Soho night out with some Asian food at 3am from Tuk Tuk, which almost felt like we were finishing a night out in Bangkok! Soho didnt disappoint and confirmed to me that it is still the best place in the world for a night out with some of the best bars in London and maybe the world.

About the Author: Dylan Franks is a born and bred Londoner dedicated to sharing his vast knowledge of the capital with the world. Check out his site


for more inspiration



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isnare.com/?aid=770394&ca=Travel }

Bangkok hit with further New Year bomb blasts

Monday, January 1, 2007

More bombs went off just after midnight (0500 GMT) on New Year’s Day in Bangkok, injuring eight people near a shopping mall where hours before a New Year’s Eve countdown was cancelled due to a string of six bombings earlier in the evening.

The first bomb exploded at a seafood restaurant on the Saen Saeb Canal near Pratunam Pier just seconds after midnight.

Three foreigners and two Thais were injured. One of the foreigners had her legs amputated by the blast, according to television and local newspaper reports. The foreign tourists were having dinner at the restaurant.

Police said the bomb was hidden in a tire at the pier.

A second bomb exploded in a telephone booth near a pedestrian bridge at CentralWorld, where thousands of people had gathered earlier in the evening for a countdown party and had been urged by authorities to leave the area and go home. Several foreigners were injured and rushed to hospitals.

Another bomb was found and disposed of without incident at Suan Lum Night Bazaar, another late-night venue for tourists.

A possible bomb was investigated at Buddy Bar, a popular music venue on Khaosan Road. It turned out to be a false report. Police had earlier closed the venue and other bars on the street frequented by backpackers, urging people to return to their hotels and guesthouses.

Earlier in the evening, bombs had gone off at six locations across the city, from about 6:00 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. Twenty-five people were injured and three later died at hospitals from their injuries. The biggest toll was at Victory Monument, where 17 people were injured, two of them dying from their injuries. Other targets were a police booth at Saphan Kwai intersection, where two people were injured, and a market in Khlong Toei, where three people were injured, one fatally. At Seacon Square shopping mall, a bomb was found in a trash can inside the mall and taken to the parking lot, where it exploded without injuring anyone. Police booths on Sukhumvit Soi 62 and in suburban Nonthaburi were also hit, but there were no injuries.

After the bombings, Bangkok Governor Apirak Kosayothin had ordered the cancellation of the countdown celebrations at Central World and Sanam Luang and other smaller ones.

“Due to several bomb explosions in Bangkok and for the sake of peace and security, I would ask all of you to return to your homes now,” Apirak told a crowd of around 5,000 people at CentralWorld. Most of the crowd dispersed quickly and calmly.

Army Commander-in-Chief General Sonthi Boonyaratglin ordered soldiers deployed around the capital. Security was intensified on the Metro and Skytrain rail systems. The Skytrain cancelled plans to run all night and closed at midnight as usual. Department stores closed early.

Prime Minister Surayud Chulanont visited victims at a local hospital. He appeared on television looking tense, telling reporters he didn’t know who was responsible for the attacks.

Surayud was appointed premier after a coup d’état on September 19 in which the military led by Sonthi ousted prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra.

The Nation newspaper quoted a “security source” as saying “the old power clique” was behind the bombing.

However, there is also the ongoing violence by Muslim separatists in the South Thailand insurgency, which has left 1,900 people dead since 2004.

News briefs:August 6, 2010

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